Summer is here, looking for water slide pool in Tokyo

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Yomiuri land よみうりランドプール

is one of the larger amusement parks in Tokyo, first opened in 1964. It is situated on hillsides, and features modern thrill rides such as roller coasters and water flumes.

It is operated and run by the Yomiuri Group, the parent of media conglomerate Yomiuri Shimbun. Recently a bathhouse was constructed to attract more senior citizens.

From children’s rides,from which you’ll hear excited screams, to a seal show, this amusement park offers about 30 types of attractions. Enjoy the pool in the summertime.


Toshimaen pool としまえんプール

is an amusement park in Nerima, owned by the Seibu Group. It has a variety of rides, including three roller coasters, and a water park with 25 slides and six pools.


Tokyo summer land 東京サマーランド

Tokyo Summerland is the embodiment of the old adage that one man’s paradise is another man’s hell. The concept (as if you hadn’t guessed) at this huge theme park to the far west of the capital is summer, and providing the opportunity to experience the hot season all year round is its purpose. The indoor pool is notorious (see the oft-embedded video below), though the outdoor one is more bearable, with 650 metres of flowing water – dubbed ‘The Great Journey’ – as its star attraction. Beyond the pool, the roller coasters are many and varied, but so are the people. Probably best to go on a quiet weekday morning offseason if you have the luxury to do so.



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