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ENISHI is a website that provides information on properties for rent, sale, and investment in Tokyo, as well as offering practical tips, down-to-earth advice, and a deep insight into the city, for everyone who lives in or visits Tokyo.

In settling into any new country, the most difficult thing is understanding local culture.
In particular, Japan has so many unwritten rules, customs and manners, which require a great deal of time and effort to fully understand.

If such complexities create a barrier in the furtherance of mutual understanding between Japanese and their overseas visitors, then, that seems to be a definite case of mottainai (a Japanese term describing a sense of regret at wasting valuable things) for both sides.

It is for this reason, that ENISHI was launched.

Our goal in doing so, is to help our visitors settle in and enjoy life in Tokyo, by providing useful information in areas such as lifestyle, culture, business manners, language and attractions: of Tokyo and of Japan in general.

All of which will facilitate our broader aim of fostering a truly international community, in which residents can – through the organization of parties and events – interact with other international guests as well as with Japanese.

ENISHI:  Enriching your stay in Japan’s glittering capital!

The meaning of ENISHI

“縁 (ENISHI)” is a Japanese word that describes a mysterious force that binds people together and the chance of starting a new relationship.

The miracle of encountering someone or something, from a global community of billions: expressed so sublimely in Japanese as a 縁: a concept deeply rooted in Japanese society.

And since the decision to visit or to live in Japan is also some kind of 縁, we would like to honor this particular miracle, by supporting our residents and by enhancing their sense of comfort and enjoyment.

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The Enishi logo: symbolizing our commitment to value every 縁 (ENISHI).


ENISHI is maintained by Leading Ltd,. Ebisu, Tokyo: a company dedicated to making people’s lives and businesses less complicated, more convenient, and more exciting!

In other words, a company not just in the business of renting and selling properties, but in that of creating a more convenient life for each and every person.  In the furtherance of this aim, customers’ comments and suggestions are always welcome, even of a nature unrelated to real estate.

We are always by your side.

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