How to eat Sushi like a pro

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What is the best way to eat sushi? Whether a foreigner or Japanese, this is the question that many people often ask at restaurant. With chopsticks or fingers? With or without Wasabi? Many questions that we will be finally solved in this blog today!


How do you eat your sushi? With your fingers? With chopsticks? You dip the rice in the sauce? In one bite or more?

There are many different ways to eat sushi, everyone have his own style after all, but from the great Japanese chefs how “official” eating these delicacies requires both elegance and lots of practice. 2 schools confronts, great leaders advocate the use of fingers while most consumers prefer chopsticks.
Here is a short tutorial



1. Carefully pick up the sushi (do not tighten!)


2.  Roll on the side


3. Further return


4. Dip the top of the sushi (fish) in soy sauce


5. . Place the whole sushi in the mouth (one bite), upper sushi language side, leaving the texture and delicate flavor of the fish and soy blow first to amaze your mouth puck!

Aside from the question of taste, there is a simple reason for reversing your sushi: the molded rice will disintegrate if it is immersed directly into the soy sauce. Rice will also absorb too much sauce, thus ruining the balance of flavors.


The great chefs are usually not very enthusiastic about their customers when they use chopsticks to enjoy sushi. They are still available on the tables. Moreover you should know that the majority of Japanese eat sushi with chopsticks, largely as a matter of style and manners, but return the sushi and dip it into the sauce with chopsticks can be extremely difficult without experience and flexible wrist, often resulting in a culinary disaster.


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