Ikebana : the art of flower

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The word “Ikebana”(“生け花”) is a combination of the word “生ける”(Keep in life or arrange) and “花” (flower) the translation is give birth to flower or arrange the flowers.

kebana, one of the traditional arts of Japan, has been practiced for more than six hundred years. It developed from the Buddhist ritual of offering flowers to the spirits of dead.

more than simply putting flowers in a pot, the “Ikebana” is an artistic discipline recognized in Japan and around the world. nature and humanity are assembled to form a whole. One might think that most of showcase in flower arranging are the petals, however, here, the stems and leaves are equally important. Indeed, the long form, is purified is popular with Japanese artists.


What distinguish ikebana from simpler decorative approaches is its asymmetrical form and the use of “empty” space as an essential feature of the composition. A sense of harmony among the materials, the container and the setting is also crucial. these are characteristics of the Japanese aesthetic feeling that ikebana shares with traditional paintings, gardens, architecture and design.


Finally, the silence is essential in this practice. It allows a better appreciation of natural things, what most people forget, caught in their daily business. This is also a way to feel closer to the nature.


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