Sekimori-Ishi : just a stone ?

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I am sure that you had a chance to visit Japanese temple with big garden and enjoyed the atmosphere, i don’t know if you noticed a small stone surrounded by a rope, in a Japanese temple or sanctuary, what does it mean ?

Is it a gift ? decoration ? game ? someone forget it ? why it’s placed on the way ?

It’s a stone placed in the way and it’s called also 止め石 Tome-ishi in english mean the stop stone or  関守石 Sekimori-ishi the stone who keep the entrance. Tome-shi are placed on the middle of the way, to deny the access, if there is tea ceremony on the way, the stone is placed to block the access to other visitors to not enter the area and disturb the atmosphere, or also construction and renovation in the garden.

Tome-ishi : unauthorized access


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