Fighting mosquitoes in Japan

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As you know, summer in Japan is hot and humid. And as soon as the rainy season start, insects begin to enter the houses. Among the charming critters that we would be okay, it obviously has cockroaches (nightmare # 1). But if you come to Japan this summer, you will soon realize that mosquitoes can just as well you make your life (nightmare # 2).


Of course, mosquitoes are attacking our skins. Nothing to do with our mosquito that leave us a little red button that starts in 48 hours, here you end up with real big red swelling on the arms or calves which visibly to grow if you scratch. And it does not leave so easily, for sure.

When you go out, you will soon realize that to walk with a short pant or a short skirt has good risk of ending up with legs covered in red monstrosities. Especially since you do not necessarily hear them approach during the day.

Better arm yourself with repellents (蚊 除 け kayoke) in creams or sprays, you can find in pharmacies or the local supermarket.


If you stay at home, one of the best protections against mosquitoes is repellent incense or “pyrethrum”.
For animal lovers, whoever they are, know that pyrethrins it don’t kill mosquitoes but act on the nervous system of all insects, it inhibits female mosquitoes and prevents them from biting you, and also has a repellent effect ..


The pyrethrum is also considered the safest product when using insecticide around food!
Pyrethrum is a botanical insecticide that is extracted from dried chrysanthemum flowers or Dalmatian pyrethrum (Tanacetum cinerariifolium). Since Kenya is the largest producer of pyrethrum followed by Tanzania.


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