How to throw garbage in Japan ?

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Japan is very strict about the separation of the garbage : Burnable, Non-burnable, Cans, Pet bottle, Glass also broken home appliances and furniture, and we have to respect the days and the times to take out the garbage.

Each prefecture, streets, ward and city have it’s own way to separate the garbage.

In Tokyo 23 wards they use any garbage to throw the garbage, we need to respect the days and the times to take out the garbage

In the cities of Tokyo like Chofu city and Fuchu city they have different colors for each burnable and non-burnable

Each city have a different plastic bags color , and we have to buy them from the super market or convenience store near your home.


In Japan if we want to throw big furniture like old Sofa closets or broken TV, we have to pay for that, how ? we need to call the city hall or the ward, to inform them that there is some garbage to take, before that we need to buy garbage ticket and make them stick to the object.


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