What is ETC card ?

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Do you have a car and you take the highway to go to your work place, or a trip, of course you need to pay the toll, you need to have enough cash with you, waiting longtime for paying ? with ETC card it’s over.

Traffic jams cause so many concentration of cars on convenient toll roads are increasing year by year. Traffic jams are caused by saturated roads, which mean that jams can be resolved by increasing the flow of traffic. Up until now, there have been active efforts to widen roads in order to alleviate traffic jams but these initiatives soon reached their limit, bringing about the need for a fundamental system reform of toll roads. This marked the beginning of the ETC project.

ETC=Electronic Toll Collection System

Through wireless communication between the in-vehicle device and the toll gate antenna, cars are able to drive through toll gates without stopping (at speeds below approximately 20 km/h). Tolls are payable in arrears by credit card.

Eliminating traffic jams at toll gates brings many benefits in addition to relieving driver’s stress. For example, fuel consumption can be improved since vehicles do not have to repeatedly stop & go at toll road entrances and exits, ultimately contributing to the reduction of noise around toll gates and the emission of exhaust gases. Furthermore, the reduction of emission gas (CO2) directly links to the prevention of global warming. ETC removes the stress borne from traffic jams and is also a system that contributes to society and the planet in a variety of ways.

Source : http://www.go-etc.jp/english/


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