The 4th most wonderful train stations in Japan

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You know very well that the railway yard in Japan is very developed, and i don’t know if you had the experience to be in Shinjuku station the most busiest station in the world many people get lost inside the station.

When we go to the country side the trains are totally different from Tokyo, also the stations here we will discover the most wonderful stations in Japan.

Okuoikojo Station (Shizuoka prefecture)

This station is situated in Umeji a small town in Kawanehon, which has 40,000 inhabitants. It is located on top of a small mountain that emerges in the middle of Lake Nagashima.

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Shimonada Station (Ehime Prefecture )

The most closest station to the sea and the train stops just in front.

To go there it will take 1 hour from Matsuyama station the capital of Ehime.


Koboro Station (Hokkaido)

The station the most hided and the most Inconvenience station in Japan situated in Hokkaido (Iburi).

This station is located between 2 tunnels from the east and the west also surrounded by mountains and the sea, to go out from the place is to take the train only.

BisjqkzCAAEV3YsBtQ115WCIAAjnrIDoai Station ( Gunma Prefecture )

The deepest station in Japan, 70 meters under the ground and we have to go down 338 meters of stairs (462 steps) in total to arrive down. it’s good to place of playing sports.

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