What to know when renting an apartment in Japan

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There is 2 types of Real estate in Japan, the first type is a monthly rent real estate generally are non-refundable and very expensive and they ask you only for a deposit which is between 20,000 Yen and 1 month rent partially refundable, it’s only for who want to stay for short period (minimum stay one month), the second type is a normal real estate with 2 years contract, and to get an apartment to this Real estates we need to pay :

家賃 YACHIN: Rent, some Real estates will ask to pay the first month rent and some company they ask you to pay 2 months rent.

管理費 KANRIHI Maintenance fee : All the resident have to pay this fee usually it’s added to the rent, the maintenance fee is for example cleaning the building and changing the light bulb.

敷金 SHIKIKIN: A security deposit typically from 0 to 3 months’ rent, depend on size of the apartment, if there is no damage in the apartment you will get some refund.

礼金 REIKIN: Key money, or gift to the landlord from 0 to 2 months’ rent.

火災保険 KASAI HOKEN: Fire insurance for 2 years.

鍵交換 KAGI KOUKAN: Lock change, Some Real estates will ask you if you want to change the lock in case of security, some land lord will change it and you have to pay around 16,200 Yen.

仲介手数料 CHUKAI TESURYO: Brokerage fee generally are 1 month rent

グル―ニング代 KURUNINGU DAI : if you did not pay the security deposit, the Real estate will ask to pay a cleaning fee generally cost you 32,400 Yen

サポート費用 SAPOTO HIYO : Support costs some real estate offer this service, for example if your window is broken or any problem in your apartment they will come to repair it.

保証会社 HOSHO GAISHA: Guaranty company, if you don’t have a guarantor in Japan and who is Japanese, the real estate will ask you a guaranty company generally it’s half to 1 month rent. you need to provide to this company 3 different contacts you company or school, a contact in japan friend or family and your home country contact your parents or relatives. the company will do investigation for 1 week, if they accept you can get an apartment in Japan.

To get an apartment in Japan you have to pay for the first month between 150,000 to 300,000 Yen

保証人 HOSHONIN Guarantor

A guarantor need to be Japanese nationality and this need person need to have many conditions like job, a good credit history.

your guarantor need to prepare this documents :

住民票 Proof of residence (jyuminhyo)
源泉徴収表 Income statement (gensenchuhyo)
印鑑証明書 Name stamp (inkanshomeisho)

Paperwork You need to prepare your documents,

在留カード Valid Resident card
パスポート Valid passport
給料明細  Copy of the Payslips
源泉徴収票 Tax-income certificate
印鑑          Stamp
銀行情報  Bank account information, the rent will be deducted automatically from your account

更新料 KOSHINRYO Renewal Fee: After 2 years you need to renew your contract in this case the Real estate will ask you to pay

Renewal fee 1 month rent
Guaranty company from 10,000 yen to 1 month
Fire insurance for 2 years


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