Interviewing with CEO of Leading Ltd., Tadashi Ikuta

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Thank you for visiting ENISHI, a website designed to help oversea visitors settle in and enjoy life in Tokyo, which is maintained by a real estate company Leading Ltd.
I’m Kana Fukushima, a developer and also a writer of this website.

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The very first article features an interview with the CEO of Leading Ltd., Ikuta-san, as he is eager to share his mind with you!


KANA: Why did you start up your company’s new website, ENISHI?

IKUTA-SAN: I had a chance to meet many foreign people and everyone said they like Japan and also Japanese. I’m very happy about this. I believe this is kind of “ENISHI (縁)*” or destiny that they are interested in Japan. I developed this website because I’d like to connect this “good ENISHI (縁)” between oversea visitors and Japan throughout our real estate business.

* Note: ENISHI (縁) has several meanings as follows:
1. fate; destiny (esp. as a mysterious force that binds two people together)
2. relationship (e.g. between two people); bond; link; connection
3. family ties; affinity
4. opportunity; chance (to meet someone and start a relationship)

KANA: What value you want to offer to foreigners through this website?

IKUTA-SAN: I’d like to provide wide range of in-depth information about culture, custom, people, and Tokyo insight as well as property information, so that more and more people will be able to rediscover the attraction of Japan and deepen their affection towards this country.

KANA: What do you think about real estate companies in Japan?

IKUTA-SAN: Unfortunately, companies and people in Japan are introverted and some of them have closed-minds. There are very few companies which put emphasis on information offering. I think Japanese are unaware of Japan’s appeal. We, Leading Ltd. would like to make the global community fully aware of the wonderful attractions Japan has to offer by providing useful information.

KANA: Where do you see your company in 5 or 10 years?

IKUTA-SAN: Our goal is to become the best company that provides foreigner-friendly information. It will be great if every person in the world become awaiting for information from us. As I mentioned before, my dream is to connect “good ENISHI (縁)” between oversea visitors and Japan, so I’ll do my best to eliminate barriers between them!

Thank you Ikuta-san, for your strong commitment to the business and also to this website!
As he told us in the interview, we will provide information in areas such as lifestyle, culture, business manners, language and Tokyo attractions as well as property information to make your life in Tokyo more easier!

We will try to update it as we can, so please keep checking!


* Thank you for reading this article!
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